Top 5 DIY Ways to Repurpose Trash

Top 5 DIY Ways to Repurpose Trash

Recycle, recycle, recycle. We’ve heard it all our lives, we see recycling bins in most public places, we know how much of a benefit recycling is to the planet. But what if there were an even more beneficial way to recycle? Lucky for us environmentalists, there is! Rather than simply throwing your waste into a recycling bin, repurpose and reuse certain items in order to extend their usage. 

In a world consumed by waste, it’s time we do our part, make the extra effort, and discover new ways to repurpose trash. C’mon, it’s not that bad; it’s a lot more fun than it sounds. And it’s really quite simple! 

Creative Ways to Repurpose Waste

Use glass containers/jars for storage

Did you know more than 11.6 million tons of glass is trashed every single year? It gets worse. Only about 28% of this glass is actually recovered for recycling! Rather than contributing to the problem, save your glass containers and jars for storage purposes. Store leftover food, spices, beans, even tools like nuts and bolts...the list goes on and on! You can even get super crafty and repurpose these items into cups, vases, candle holders and whatever else you can come up with. Another benefit? All you need to do is give them a quick wash before you use them again. 

Make bird feeders out of plastic bottles:

Invite your feathered friends into your backyard with enticing bird feeders made from your plastic waste. All you need is an empty plastic bottle, a knife, some perches, glue and a hook for hanging. First, clean and sanitize the bottle and allow it to dry completely. Next, screw the hook into the center of the bottle’s cap and seal the hole on the inside and outside with glue to keep moisture out. Then, cut holes large enough for your perches into the sides of the bottle. Perches can be made from twigs, chopsticks, unsharpened pencils, etc. Next, cut feeding ports 1-2 inches above each perch for comfortable feeding. Finally, fill the bottle with bird seed, hang outside, and wait for birds to discover your treat! Doesn’t feeding our fluttering friends sound way better than just tossing your plastic bottles? 

Turn toilet paper tubes into seed starters:

Growing your own garden is fun, and it’s even better when you create your own supplies. Punch a few small holes near the bottom of the toilet paper tube- this allows water to drain out. Fill the tube with soil and plant a few seeds. Sit back and allow your plant the time it needs to begin growing. Once sprouted, remove the plants and plant in your garden. This is also a great activity for the kids! Let them decorate the mini “planters” with all sorts of creative designs. 

Recycle clothes:

When looking to clean out your closest and get rid of some old clothes, one of the best ways to recycle is by donating your unwanted items. If your clothes are in decent enough condition to donate, then that’s the best route to take. But if you have raggedy old t-shirts or shorts that no one can ever wear again, cut them up to use as cleaning cloths. Cut a t-shirt into fourths and use it to dust, dry dishes, clean counters, wipe down mirrors, etc. Unlike a paper towel, you’ll get more than one use out of it. And you can simply wash it in the laundry when it gets too dirty to use. 

Repurpose Old Furniture and Tools

This is one of the most fun and creative ways to repurpose items you’re considering just throwing away. When tools begin to rust or furniture becomes damaged or dirty, your first instinct is typically to just toss it. But wait- there are so many other ways you could use these old items! An old wooden ladder can be turned into a bookshelf, old tires can be repurposed to be used as ottomans, old car or bike parts can be welded together to create a super unique chandelier, garden racks can be turned into wine glass holders...there are seriously so many possibilities. Allow your creative juices to flow and soon enough, your whole house will have a super rustic look and feel. You’ll feel proud knowing you created these items simply by repurposing your trash. 

Small Seed’s Impact

At Small Seed Bar, we believe everyone should do their part to help support the environment. Use less water, skip the plastic straw, bring your own bags to the grocery store- one slight change can make a huge impact. 

Here’s how we’re taking steps to promote a better future:

  • We use old news paper as an absorbent liner for cat litter box

  • We save orange peels and use them with vinegar for household cleaner

  • We use wine corks to water succulents

  • We use old tooth brushes as grout scrubbers

  • We use Amazon or other mailing boxes as organizers

  • We use plastic bags to pick up dog or cat poop

  • We use old clothing as dust rags

  • We use glass jars to hold bulk ingredients

There are so many ways to repurpose your trash. Don’t just fill a landfill get a few uses out of it :)

Photo by: Packaging Options Direct