Custom Variety Pack (10 Bars)

Custom Variety Pack (10 Bars)


Do you suffer from FOMAD (fear of missing a day)? Get a whole case of bars and you'll never have to miss out! This is the perfect way to taste all of our bars. Find your favorite!


This package includes 10 bars in total. (Be sure to write what flavors you want example: 2 Cacao Brownie, 1 Cookie Dough, 1 Maple Nut, 2 Peanut Butter and 2 Sunflower Cinnamon, 2 Espresso Bean for a total of 10 bars)


Products may contain: Tree-Nuts & Peanuts


Add a note for any allergies, food preferences or dietary restrictions!


*Bars are good for 30 days at room temperature, 6 months in the fridge, and 12 months in the freezer.

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